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Ways To Protect Your Deck This Winter

Your deck is one of the most relaxing parts of your home. Whether you’re barbecuing with your family and friends or you just want to chill out. It’s a place every homeowner cherishes. It’s a good idea to start preparing early so that your deck stays in tip-top shape. A lot of things and activities damage your deck. From dust and mold to drink spills and mud, these things can hugely affect your deck. Plus, in a couple of months, winter is coming. And the snow and cold will really put your deck’s strength to the test. In order for you to combat that. We made a list of ways to help you protect your deck this coming winter.

Declutter Your Deck

The first thing you need to do is to declutter and clear your deck. Remove anything that may be obstructive to the cleaning process. Things like your furniture, tools, potted plants, cooking equipment, etc. Literally, remove everything because that makes the cleaning process faster and better.

Plus, you need to make sure to dry and clean everything before you store them. That prevents further damage and wear to your items. Also, you can invest in storage units if you don’t have enough space in your garage or shed. These things are pretty cheap and you can also build them yourself.

Thoroughly Wash and Scrub Your Deck

After you finished decluttering and storing everything from your deck, then you should proceed to the cleaning process. There are a couple of ways to do this and they are very easy too. You could use a broom to sweep off any dust or dirt that has accumulated on your deck. And you can also use a power washer to thoroughly wash away dirt and soil.

Also, if there are stains that you just can’t remove manually, then consider using bleach-free cleaners. These types of cleaners can easily remove tough stains. And they aren’t harsh on wooden surfaces.

Keep in mind that cleaning isn’t just an annual thing and you should at least do this once a month. If you wait for a long time before you start cleaning, then dirt may be harder to remove.

Apply a Protective Coating to Your Deck

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your deck, then you should add a protective coating to it. There are two ways in which you can do this. You can either apply a sealant or you can apply a protective finish. Both of these things will work wonders in protecting your deck.

You can use a protective sealant to fill in cracks and holes on your deck. Not only does it help maintain your deck but it also prevents any moisture from sticking to your deck.

If you use a protective coating, then you should use something that is high in quality. A high-quality coating will protect your deck from harsh weather and at the same time, it makes it even more beautiful. Protective finishes usually act like varnish and it adds shine to your deck. You can also use liquid rubber, this helps waterproof your deck and also protects it from snow and ice.

Cover Your Deck with a Tarp

No matter how much you apply a protective coating to your deck. Weather can get really tough and it can pass through your defenses. Adding a tarp is a great way in increasing your deck’s strength. A tarp acts as a wall between the snow and your wood. That stops moisture from entering in between the cracks on your deck’s floor.

Also, make sure that your tarp doesn’t get covered with too much snow. You should remove the accumulated snow from time to time. If you don’t. then the snow could get heavier and that may dwindle the tarp’s strength.

Protect Your Deck

Final Thoughts

Anything that’s related to cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t be hard. And it’s also something that you shouldn’t look over. Most of our memorable memories are created in our homes and your deck is a great place for that.

Keeping it well-maintained and well-protected is something that you should always keep in mind. The main objective here is to preserve your deck. Starting early is the best way to go. You must do these things should be done a few times each year and don’t have to wait for winter.

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