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Using Navy Blue Color For Your House

Navy blue is one of the most popular colors for home interiors. Navy blue is not only aesthetic, but also has a character that can give a luxurious impression to the interior of your house.

To ensure your comfort, Amsa Studio and Home Guidelines has summarized some tips that you can do, if you want to paint your house with navy blue color. Check out below!

Navy Blue and Wood Combination

The combination of navy blue and wood can make your living room look warmer and more natural. You can also keep the room compact by applying some wood elements, such as floors and some furniture. You can also add some flower pots to make the room look more natural and more elegant.

Navy Blue and White Combination

You can also combine navy blue and white as shown in the image above. In addition to using a neutral white color that is not dominant, the application of ideas like this picture is perfect for expressing an interior design that looks mature.

You can also incorporate other colors through some of the decorative elements to make the room look interesting. For example, use flower pots or pillows in contrasting colors. The exterior of the interior design will also look more attractive.

Combination of Navy Blue and Gray

In addition to white, neutral colors such as gray are also very suitable to be combined with navy blue. As you can see in the picture above. The bedroom design seems very calming, so you will feel maximum comfort when relaxing in it. You can also proceed to incorporate natural elements, such as using wooden furniture and various greenery to make your bedroom more lively and less boring.

Applying Navy Blue to Children’s Bedrooms

Although it often gives an adult impression. Navy blue can also be applied to a child’s bedroom design if the interior is decorated properly. The combination of navy blue, light brown, and white on wooden furniture is perfect for giving a youthful look. Or you can also make the room more dynamic by incorporating elements of bright colors like orange or yellow.

Navy Blue for a Luxury Kitchen

Another inspiration is the use of navy blue to give a luxurious and artistic impression to your kitchen space. In this inspiration, use of a multifunctional, elegant, attractive and clean kitchen unit. Divided it into two areas using navy blue and white colors.

You can also add a touch of luxury. Applying other elements such as marble in the backsplash, brown in some decorations, or natural shades such as flower pots for strategic points.

Using Navy Blue for the Bathroom

The latest tip is to use navy blue for the bathroom. You can keep your bathroom bright and unobtrusive by painting one wall a navy blue, then mixing the rest with a bright neutral color like white.

Or keep your bathroom comfortable and stylish. By combining other colors such as gold, green, or black with various décor, including flooring.

Final Thought

Those are some recommended tips for using navy blue color for house that you can use as a reference. Hopefully by understanding these tips your home will look more attractive and luxurious.

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  1. Randy Charles

    Thank you so much for sharing this guide. This is a great article and very helpful. I have been planning to change my living room with a new color combination and this article helped me choose the right one. And I’ve decided on navy blue walls in my living room/dining room area. The colors look amazing together!

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