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Tips In Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

The best time to start from scratch and turn over a new leaf is new year’s eve. It’s common for people to make a new year resolutions. From quitting smoking and losing weight to saving money, there are a lot of promises that people make.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t keep our promise. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite difficult to maintain your new year resolution but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Now, if you’re 100% serious, then you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Before you commit to your new year resolution, here are a few tips to help you.

Limit Your Resolutions

People tend to create lists of things that they should change. It is a good idea, but it’s not a wise thing to do. The more things you want to change the harder it gets. Make sure you limit yourself to at least three different resolutions. For better results, you can stick to just one resolution a year.

Changing things can be hard and stressful. Start slow and start easy, you don’t have to strain yourself with stacks of personal promises.

Make It Realistic

Another reason why most people tend to fail is that their resolutions aren’t attainable. For example, it’s impossible to completely get thin within a year, especially if you’re size is quite large. Keep it simple and tell yourself to lose weight. Getting completely thin is different from losing weight.

Both may be similar but the latter is much easier to obtain and maintain. So make sure that you’re final goal is possible and achievable. Unrealistic promises can never be kept.

Ask Other People’s Opinions

One of the key factors in keeping your own promise is other people that surround you. People like your siblings, parents, and closest friends. Talking to them is a great way to start off your journey to achieve your resolution.

Not only do you get useful advice but you can also get a boost of confidence because they’ll definitely root for you. Also, if some of them share the same resolution, then you can achieve your resolution with the help of other people.

It’s definitely a win-win situation so you shouldn’t keep your resolutions to yourself.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Whether you’re losing weight or you want to save money more, you need to keep track of your progress. Get a notepad or journal and write down your progress.

The slow and small progress like losing a few pounds will work wonders if you list them down. Eventually, you’ll lose five pounds, then ten pounds, and more. Just like we mentioned earlier, make your goals realistic. You can’t lose fifty pounds in just one exercise session.

Keep it slow but keep it steady and consistent. Once you do that, then you’ll definitely reach your goal.

Don’t Dwell on Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect and tormenting yourself over mistakes will hinder you from reaching your goal. Just keep it easy and take one step at a time. It’s better to write down your mistakes and learn from them.

Beating yourself up won’t change anything. That would just lead to stress, pain, and eventually, you’ll lose the motivation to keep your resolution.

Never Give Up

If you feel short on the first few months, then take a breather. Start again and keep your mind motivated in achieving your goal. Don’t give up even if you spent a few months making mistakes. It’s never late to try.

It’s quite common for people to lose their cool. When that happens, keep a day for yourself to rethink your whole plan and goal. Once you get your thoughts together, then you can start over.

Final Thoughts

New Year Resolutions

New year’s resolutions are a common practice that everybody shares. It’s a personal promise that gives us an opportunity to change or improve something about ourselves.

Whenever you make a promise to yourself, it’s a great idea to consider these steps. Remember, the only person who can achieve your goal is you. You need to have a confident and well-disciplined mind. Once you grasp the basic concept, then you will definitely reach your goal. Good luck!

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