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Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Giving ideas and suggestions to people so that they can remodel their bathrooms in a planned way: From making the decision to remodel to the selection of materials and finishes sink models. Here are some tips for bathroom remodeling.


The first thing you have to do before starting any remodeling work. Especially the bathroom; is to ask yourself what you don’t like about your current bathroom. This obvious question will allow you to make a list of what you DO NOT like about your bathroom. This list will be your main source of ideas and inspiration so that you can “imagine” how you would like your bathroom to be. Logically taking into account the characteristics and limitations of the environment: Its dimensions, source of lighting and ventilation, the budget you have, etc. You are going to make another list in which you will indicate how you would like your bathroom to be.


When you compare your list of what you DO NOT like about the bathroom with the one that shows you how you DO want to have your bathroom. A window of ideas will open up that will be your design tool. Bathroom remodel in San Mateo CA will discuss further into it. First thing to take into account are the dimensions of the bathroom according to its use. It is the one in the main room. If it is the one in the corridor. If it is the visitor or even if it is the service one. There are only three possibilities in this aspect:
  1. Too small
  2. It is too large
  3. Right size

Call for a Professional

The participation of a professional is essential, since you may find yourself with a pipe when demolishing, whether it is electricity or plumbing, which can cause serious complications if you do not have the knowledge and, above all, the experience to solve problems of this type. In this article we are going to focus on the third on the list: The bathroom has the right dimensions and therefore the remodeling refers to the internal part of the space. We are talking about the Bathroom Interior Design project.

Choosing the Coatings: Ceramic, Porcelain Tile

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the color theme. However, it must be borne in mind that if the bathrooms are not very large, it is always advisable to use a light color palette. This will allow greater lighting and a feeling of spaciousness. Color and size of the sanitary pieces is important to obtain a harmonious and proportionate environment. Sanitary pieces should not be excessively large in relation to the space, since we will obtain a disproportionate space. In terms of color, they can be the same color as the ceramic, or within the same range, a little darker. Sanitary pieces should not stand out too much in terms of color. There is always to try to harmonize and seek a relaxed atmosphere. Another good option to give more interest to the bathroom environment is to select the floor with a slightly darker color than the walls, but always using the same range.

When to renew the pipes?

As a general recommendation, it can be said that after 15 years of use of the property, if a remodeling job is going to be undertaken in bathrooms or kitchens, it is recommended to renew the pipes. Important that you know that the pipes that are renewed are those that are embedded in the walls, especially those for white water, which are the most likely to present filtration problems in the future.

When is it necessary to relocate the sanitary pieces?

Relocating the Sink

Bathroom Remodeling
Sink must be at least 45 cm. of a wall or obstacle, so that its use is comfortable. If space allows, and we are planning to remodel, you may consider relocating it by moving it a few inches to its proper location. A spectacular change, also in the bathroom, is the location of what we call a “wall-to-wall” mirror over the sink, instead of using the standardized “hanging” mirrors. Change is spectacular due to the feeling of spaciousness and lighting that we are going to achieve. In this case, the location of the overhead cabinet and the lighting of the sink must be well defined. You should also bear in mind that there is generally an outlet on the sink.

Relocating the WC

Only if some work is going to be carried out that involves relocating sanitary parts. Especially if the WC is going to be relocated, is it necessary to build an upper floor. Where the pipes are going to be embedded. Which in this case are 4 ” or 10 cm. Floor should have at least 12 cm. High to allow a certain slope to the pipes. They would be justified only in extreme cases. In principle, the bathroom remodeling project should revolve around the WC.

Change the bathtub for a shower?

There are times when you can achieve the feeling of greater spaciousness. Changing the bathtub for a shower. Even, for those who like it, special hydro-massage equipment for showers is currently available on the market. Shower Remodel in Plant City, Florida can take care your shower remodeling needs. This type of work does not require major complications. Making it necessary to build the corresponding above-floor shower area with the necessary slope towards the drain and a curb. If you combine this with tempered glass shower doors. You will see how the space changes dramatically. You will perceive it to be more spacious and illuminated. For more home tips, advice and ideas visit our website Home Guidelines.

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