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The ABC Interior Design for Homeowners

Are you one of the homeowners having the interest in redesigning the interior of your home? But got no clue where to take a thematic inspiration from? Or perhaps, having no idea how to describe the style you want to have inside the room that will reflect your character? Well, we got you! In this article, you will get to learn the ABCs of interior design and trends.

Now have a way to reshape the styling according to your preferences. Describing the perfect image of your envisioned interior can be daunting, if you have a limited description to describe it.

There is more than to the chic style you want with the emerging of new and unique styles. However it is important to understand how each of these styles differ from one another and learn the basics about each variety. So here’s a list of popular interior design style that you can take inspiration from that radiates a dominant neutral and earthy color palette:


Modern style is one of the most popular style preferred by homeowners as it has a clean and crisp lines. While keeping the color scheme simple and pleasing. Metal, glass, and steel usually used for this style as it boosts classy and sturdy design. Modern home design is usually interchangeably used with contemporary style, but both styles are distinct to one another.

The former refers to time period from early to mid-20th century, while the latter is an ever-changing design. The color palette are typically of neutral colors – white, cream, and beiges hue. Yet, it is not totally free from other colors as some decors can be in bright colors such as the rags, kitchenware, and curtains.


Perhaps the most popular interior design style is the Minimalist. It takes the home vibes to be modern but in the most simplistic home design style. True to its name, no flamboyant and extravagant decors are utilized to keep the home ambiance ultra-clean yet functional and spacious. This is usually inspired by the Japanese style or to the philosophy “less is more”, where furnishings can serve several purposes to conserve space and be roomier.


Unlike modern style, contemporary is an everchanging style including the present artistic styles. It is more fluid and can represent a mixture of all design style without limit and adherence to a particular style. As it can borrow several classical style and modern style. It can give an artistic style that can suit any era representation and will last for a lifetime.


Industrial style originates from the time of 2nd industrial revolution where the population have converted these empty warehouses or urban loft to residential. It gives the feeling of incomplete styling where it shows rawness and transparency. It’s commonly imbued with rustic and brick colors to represent the primary colors of woods and metal.


For people who are into free-spirited aesthetics with a leisure-type of character. Bohemian style would surely suit their palate. This style gives off a mix of culture and artistic expression. Incorporating a feel of nature vibes.

Its utilizes bold patterns and bright accents, and includes vintage decors and earthy tones. It is common to see floor cushions and comfortable seating spaces within the area with a hanging glamorous chandelier.

French Country

This style projects a feminine neutral design and boost antique essence. French country usually makes use of warm and earthy colors which replicates the old and worn out type of ornamental wooden furnishing which usually are in red tones, gold, and natural color of bricks and stone.


With Greece, Italy, and Spain as a inspiration source. Mediterranean style exudes a culturally rich design with rich wood tones and ornate furnishing.


Rustic style gives raw and unfinished elements just like industrial design. It is leaning more to natural inspiration. It incorporates accessories from outside such as an animal hide or antlers while vaulted ceilings and wooden floors are an indication of such styles. Fireplace is key element to this style.

Coastal or Hampton

Coastal or Hampton is styled to create a relaxed and cozy environment that gives the illusion of being near to beaches and ocean.

Final Thought

There you have it! These are the most popular interior design style trend. For more home tips, advice and ideas visit our website Home Guidelines.

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