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Planning A House Renovation

People often look to renovate their houses every 5 to 6 years. Planning house renovation such as fixing issues and implementing new ideas is really important to make the house longer.

When renovating most people change the overall theme and mostly they will work on it, all as once. This might cause a bad renovation.

Therefore, we should focus on a certain thing when doing a renovation and we will be discussing it below. You should aim for a successful home renovation that is just right for your budget.

Tips for Doing a House Renovation Plan

Budget Planning

Budget planning should be your first priority when you are planning a home renovation. It should be pre-decided by doing deep math. Budgeting helps the renovation planning economically.

Clear your mind of where will you renovate, ask yourself how much for the labor and for each material. If you have much budget, we advise you to seek for a professional to help you with your home renovation planning. If you don’t have much budget then check out this article “renovation budgeting tips”.


Research is very important to do when you are planning with your home renovation especially when you don’t have any knowledge about house renovation.

Seek for those home improvement blogs such as Home Guidelines, Residence Style, Ohana Home Improvement and other home improvement websites that suites your standard. These websites will really help you with your planning and budgeting

Choose your Paint Color Wisely

When you paint your house, it will really cost most of your budget. Therefore, make sure that you pick the right colors combination for your house theme.

According to that orange makes a person expand their thinking, blue; encourages efficiency, green; increase wealth and heals, purple enhance spiritually, light blue gives a sense of peace, bright red fortifies you, yellow increases your focuses, pink; opens the heart, yellow-orange adds life, deep red inspires passion, aqua inspire trust.

Color is really important; it gives life to things therefore you should pick wisely.

Areas you should Prioritize when Renovating


You should priorities flooring when renovating, because when your floor is not in condition this might cause injuries. Flooring renovation might be expensive but it is worth investing. If you don’t have a budget for it, either you work on it slowly or prioritized other such as your wall and roof. Another option, use some PVC floor mat or carpets instead.


You should priorities kitchen when you are planning a home renovation because this is where our food being stored. Kitchen should be cleaned and maintained. If you want to renovate your kitchen then check this kitchen design post.

Don’t Forget the Small Areas

When people do home renovation, mostly, they are too focused on the main areas and miss out the small areas. Renovating and decorating small areas can make your house looks good and this can increase the value of your house; small areas such as your garden and ponds. Example:

design house renovation


Priorities those part of your house that really needs to be fix and renovate, just don’t forget the following advice when you are planning a home renovation. Shalom!

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