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How To Upgrade Your Garage Exterior

Your garage is an important part of your home’s overall appeal and look. It’s very important to upgrade your garage once in a while. There are simple ways in which to do this and it doesn’t require a good amount of money. Although you can spend a lot if you wish to do so.

Anyway, upgrading your garage is a great choice to do. Not only does it increase your curb appeal, but it increases your home’s overall value as well.

Replace Your Garage Door

The first thing you see in a garage is the door and it’s the first thing that you need to upgrade. If it has dents, scratches, or any other noticeable damages, then you need to replace it. Also, if it doesn’t quite match your home’s exterior, then that’s also a valid reason to replace it.

This is a pretty simple part since it’s easy to find a door that matches your home’s entrance. And most garage doors today are fairly priced.

Add Outdoor Lighting

One of the easiest ways of upgrading your garage is by adding lights. Strategically placed lights will make a huge difference in the looks department. If you have a stone veneer thing going on, then that makes it even better. Utilizing lighting to create silhouettes will increase your home’s look and make it feel fancier.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to light up your entire garage. That would make it look a bit weird. You just have to highlight a few areas in your garage. That would make it look amazing, especially at night. However, if you have problems with placement, then you could consult with an exterior designer.

Upgrade Your Greenery

Upgrade Your Garage

Other than your house, the first thing people see is the landscaping and that plays a huge role in your garage’s look. Adding a bed of flowers nearby or installing a window box would definitely make your garage look lively.

Also, plants and flowers can easily hide imperfections on your exterior. If it doesn’t pose a problem, then you can use greenery instead of repairs. That would save you a lot of money since plants and flowers don’t cost that much.

Deep Clean Your Driveway

You’ll be surprised at how much dirty a driveway can get. Years of oil, dirt, and dust that have accumulated will change your driveway drastically. This isn’t really an upgrade per se, but it’s more of a maintenance thing. But still, you really have to clean your driveway.

Powerwashing is the best thing to do since it can easily remove dirt trapped in tight areas. Once you do that, you’ll be able to see that clean-looking concrete again. And that will definitely make your garage look nice.

Final Thoughts

Your garage is an important part of your home, so maintaining and upgrading it is a must. It’s a great thing to do, especially if you want to increase your home’s value. A lot of people prioritize the exterior more than the interior. So if you think that your garage needs an upgrade, then go for it.

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