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How To Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks

Nobody likes it when any of your appliances break. When you’re AC breaks it feels like it’s the end of the world and you’re burning to a crisp. You’re sweating and your body is heating up. You should do something before you lose your mind over the heat. Don’t worry because there are things you can do to remedy the heat. Before the AC repairman arrives, you should consider doing these tips about how to stay cool when your AC breaks.

Take a Cold Shower

When the weather is too hot and you want to cool off immediately, then you should take a cold shower. Coldwater will bring your core temperature down rapidly. Plus, your wet hair will keep your head cool for a good amount of time.

However, if you don’t have much time, then use a towel to wipe your face and neck. If you have a swimming pool, then that’s much better. You’ll be able to get your whole body submerged and that will definitely help cool you off.

Turn Your Electric Fans On

One of the best ways to cool yourself off is with fans. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they offer you a much-needed breeze. Keep in mind that you need to face the ceiling fan downward if you do have a ceiling fan. If you have a tower fan or a pedestal fan, then choose higher air settings.

Also, when it’s late at night, then consider opening your windows. The cool breeze from the outside gets sucked in by your fan. That way, you’ll get your home cooler and airier.

Avoid Using Appliances That Use Heat

Primarily, your stove and oven are common household appliances that emit heat. If you’re trying to stay cool, then you should try making food that doesn’t require cooking,

Food such as sandwiches and salads are a great choice. If you’re short on supply, then consider ordering food instead. In this day and age, especially during the pandemic. There are a lot of food delivery applications that offer you freshly cooked food.

Stay Under the Shade

If you’re cooling yourself off outside, make sure you’re under a shade. Trees, umbrellas, and overhanging roofs are the best way to go. While you’re at it, you can also put in some sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

However, if you’re staying indoors, then you should close the curtains or shades. Some people may find it counterintuitive since you’re covering up the windows. But light and heat from the outside can make your home hotter. Closing your windows will keep the sun’s heat and it also gives a cool vibe to your home.

Stay Hydrated

The worst thing about the heat is dehydration. You must always drink a lot of water because that helps regulate your body’s temperature.

You can drink cooled drinks like soda, juices, and cocktails. Not only do you stay hydrated but you also enjoy a cool drink on a hot day. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it with the drinks. Remember to always prioritize drinking water over other beverages.

Final Thoughts

How To Stay Cool
ac repair

It’s always a drag to stay home during the heat. Remember to always contact your AC repairman immediately when your AC breaks. Some repair stations require scheduling so it would be much better to contact them immediately. The faster, the better.

If you follow these helpful tips, then you can surely stay cool during the heat. For more home tips, advice and ideas visit our website Home Guidelines.

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