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How To Make Your Guest Room Feel Comfy

Whether you’re a child or an adult, we all love sleepovers and it’s something that we genuinely enjoy. Having people over makes your home more lively, especially when you spend time with them. That brings us to the topic of guest room.

If you have a guest room and you can’t think of ways to make it more comfortable, then you came to the right place. First things first, you need to at least spend a night there. You’ll know exactly what’s missing if you spend some time in your guest room.

The most important thing that your guest must feel is snug and comfortable. The number of days and nights that they spend is irrelevant. Whether they stay for a night or a couple of days, they must feel like they’re at home. There are certain things that you should add to your guest room to make it comfier. If you’re having trouble doing that, then continue reading this article.

Optimize the Bed

Guest Room

The best way to make anyone feel at home is with a bed. Optimizing your bed ensures that your guests will snug as a bug in a rug when they sleep. Adding extra pillows is certainly a great idea and you should have at least a minimum of two.

The style and aesthetics are important but you can’t sleep on choosing the textile, color, and pattern. Choosing the right combination will give your guest room a more homey feel. I mean, you don’t want to sleep on something that looks like a carnival tent, right?

Keep in mind that this process requires a lot of hands-on work. Seeing something is one thing and feeling them is another. Looks don’t necessarily show it it’s comfortable or not. That’s why you need to try your room first to ensure that it’s comfortable. Sleep is something that everyone does and it must be satisfying and comfortable.

Provide an Ample Storage Space

If people are planning on sleeping over, then it’s highly likely that they have bags packed with their things. The worst thing that could happen is that they all lay on the floor. You must provide space for their clothes and other miscellaneous items.

A spacious drawer will certainly do the trick. Also, you must clear up the closet and make sure it’s clean. Your guests won’t want to hang their clothes in a dusty closet.

In addition to a drawer, you should have a bedside table too. It would make them feel more when they have a lamp beside them when they sleep. Plus, a bedside table is a convenient spot if they want to have their smartphones near them.

Prioritize Privacy

Other than comfort, your guest’s privacy is also of the most important things you should prioritize. Put yourself in their position and think that you’re the one who’s spending the night. Nobody wants to sleep in a bedroom that feels like someone can watch them.

One of the best ways to combat that are long curtains that don’t allow light to seep through. If you have mirrored or tinted windows, then you could use softer and lighter curtains. Keep in mind that the style and design are still important. Don’t just choose the first set of blackout curtains you can find. Make sure that it looks good and stylish.

Also, adding additional locks on the door would be a great addition. Something like a door chain or bolt would do the trick. Again, you should keep it simple and don’t overdo it.

Make Space For Relaxation

It doesn’t have to be fancy and super stylish. A well-built and comfortable armchair would do the trick. Preferably placed near a window or a floor lamp. Your guests will most likely take the time to sit back and relax. They could maybe read a book or have a hot cup of tea.

Regardless of what they do, they must have a proper spot for it. Not only do they have a spot to relax, but a well-placed armchair would also really accentuate the room and add more style to it.

The main point of what we’re doing is making the room feel like home. Comfort is our main goal here and adding something as simple as a sofa or armchair would make all the difference in the world.

Final Thoughts

Your guest room must be treated as a room that you would sleep in. Your guests will definitely appreciate your effort and they’ll most likely return once they enjoyed your setup.

Other than these tips that we mentioned, you could also add some personal spice to it. We are all different and we have different tastes. Adding a personal touch would be perfect in terms of originality. Just make sure that you’re not going overboard because you might mess up the place.

Making your guest room more comfy shouldn’t be a hard task. The process should be enjoyable for you. If you’ve done everything correctly, then your guest room would match the comfort of a hotel room.

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