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How To Childproof Your Living Room

Children love to play and the living room is one of their favorite places. However, even in a safe place, accidents can happen. It’s very important to keep it safe and secure for your kids. Some might be so obvious but you need to consider all of these safety tips. In this article, we will help you strengthen and childproof your living room.

Start With Your Furniture

One of the main causes of accidents is furniture. Kids love to play, run, and jump around them. You must ensure that the furniture you choose is safe and child-friendly.

Avoid furniture that is solid like hardwood couches and coffee tables. Kids aren’t always careful and they could bump their heads. We don’t want that so you must ensure that the furniture you’re getting is soft and squishy. Generally, you should go for upholstered furniture. Those are perfect and safe for your kids.

Check All Edges And Corners

Everybody has felt the pain of hitting their knee on the corner of a table or desk. If it hurts for you, then your child might find it excruciating. To combat that, you can check the corners and edges of your table with your hand.

If you think it’s dangerously sharp, then you should place corner guards on them. They can be easily bought online and there are various versions of them. They are usually made of silicone, rubber, or foam. That ensures that your child won’t get hurt once they touch those sharp corners.

Hide Wires And Cords

Children are always curious and they might pull cords and wires. Make sure you hide them properly so that they won’t be able to see them. Proper wire management will work wonders for you.

Speaking of electronics, you should add outlet guards on all exposed outlets. Kids might try to plug things on their own and that could cause accidents. Electronic devices like game consoles, DVD players, and TVs can cause accidents.

Make sure you put them in places where kids can’t reach them. A cabinet with doors or a high shelf would work well for that.

Replace Wobbly And Unstable Furniture

Floor lamps, vases, and tall side tables are types of furniture that can easily fall over. Also, you should check for old furniture. Fixing them can do the trick but it’s better to just replace them.

A wobbly chair or table is very dangerous near a child. If that piece of furniture is important for you, then hide it away in your basement or attic.

Always Keep Surfaces Clear

Childproof Your Living Room

Desks and tables should always be cleaned and decluttered. There are times in which a child might find something amusing to their eyes. They try to wobble that furniture to get that object down and it ends up hurting them.

It’s always a good idea to remove mugs and glass cups after each use. Additionally, you can add safety gates to your kitchen so that they are away from a lot of breakable objects.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning on having kids or you already have kids, then you should consider these tips and apply them in your living space. Your kid’s safety and well-being are a top priority.

We sometimes forget to check things and we should be wary about that. Making sure your kids are safe when they play or roam around should be on the top of your list.

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