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Color Schemes For A Cool Exterior Theme

If you want to make a statement, then you should consider changing your exterior paint. However, your choice might contradict your home’s style. That could change the overall feel and make it look gaudy. Fortunately, we will provide you with color schemes that are perfect for your home’s exterior theme. Colors that stand out and add a distinct look. Additionally, there are a lot of colors to choose from. That gives you an edge since you can choose from a lot of options. But keep in mind that you should always consider your home’s style. The color should match your motif and personality.

Blue And White Color Scheme

White partnered with different shades of blue has an amazing look. It has a nautical yet natural feel that makes your home’s exterior presentable.

If you want a darker look you can go with navy blue. Mix that with a lovely shade of white, then you’re golden. Keep in mind that the shade of white matters too. It’s not just about the shade of blue.

Green Color Scheme

If you want a full natural look, then go green. It’s definitely one of the best and most pleasing colors for your exterior. Also, it’s quite unique since there aren’t a lot of green-colored homes.

Whether you want a dark green or light green-colored base, it doesn’t really matter in the end. The thing that you need to keep in mind is the shades. Using the same shade of green is not a good idea.

So if you want to use green for your home’s exterior color, then you should play with different shades. If you’re having trouble with colors, then you can consult with an exterior designer or a paint expert.

Neutral Color Scheme

You can never go wrong with a neutral color scheme. It’s hands down one of the top five best exterior colors. Not only does it have a homey look but it also compliments the modern design.

Clean colors like gray, beige, and cream are the perfect base. Use that with a dash of white and your home’s exterior will look fantastic.

One of the advantages of the neutral color scheme is that it doesn’t stand out compared to super bright colors. It doesn’t stand out in a good way, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Standout Color Scheme

For a more unique appeal, this particular color scheme is a great choice to do. Primarily, you can start by using a neutral color as a base. Colors like grey, ivory, or tan.

The thing that makes it stand out is that you blast your front door with a bright color like red or yellow. The whole house having a neutral color makes your front door stand out greatly.

It’s a good idea since your door is the first thing that your guests see. Plus, both types of color come from a different palette. The overall look and feel are unique and vibrant.

Final Thoughts

Exterior Theme

Color is something that everybody loves and it’s definitely a good idea to think about your home’s exterior color. It’s a good thing that there are a lot of options out there.

These are some color schemes that you can consider using. If you research more, then you can find other color schemes that you might like. For more home tips, advice and ideas visit our website Home Guidelines.

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