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Cleaning Process To Have A Clean Home

We love to have a clean home but most of us hate cleaning because it is too much work load. However, we want to live in a comfortable home. Whether we like it or not, cleaning the house is a must. Is there any easier way to clean the house? In cleaning the house, there are a lot of processes and it needs time and focus. But what are the right and easy process of cleaning? Here are the cleaning process tips:

Start with your Mind and Make Cleaning your Habit

“Home Sweet Home” is a quote that all of us want to experience, but how can we have a home sweet home if our house stinks or disorganized? You may want to escape and stay at the mall rather than your house.

Everything you do starts with your mind. That is why, always set your mind. A clean home is a happy home, our house is a place where we can take time, relax and rest. Condition your mind and make cleaning a habit.

You can set a date with your family to have a general cleaning and give a specific task to every member. Mind conditioning is a must.

Make Sure you have a Set of Cleaning Materials

Cleaning materials are very important, this is your weapon during your cleaning war. Invest money to buy cleaning tools, it is a good investment in maintaining cleanliness. Use natural products and avoid chemical products.


decluttering cleaning process

Gather all your stuff, and separate the things that are still needed and the things that are needed to dispose or donate it, it will help you lessen your stuff. Declutter things like house displays, magazines/books, clothing, kitchen stuff, etc., some stuffs should be kept, dispose or give it to others because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Dust and Vacuum 

Before anything else, where mask before dusting, and also your fans should be turned off. All parts of the house should be vacuumed or dusted. Wipe the dust on the shelves, tables, picture frames, displays, and TV screens. Hard to reached areas like ceiling, blinds, or top shelves, you can use microfiber cloth or broom.

Wipe and Clean all the Glass and Mirrors

cleaning process

Use any microfiber cloth and any disinfectant sprays in cleaning glass, make sure that every area is clean, after wiping with disinfectant spray, follow it by using a dry cloth and wipe all the surface.

Clean and Disinfect

Use a nontoxic disinfect solution that is available in any stores or you can do it yourself by mixing ¼ or ½ cup of any kind of vinegar, a cup of water, and any essential oil or orange zest to add fragrance.

Wipe down all the surfaces; countertops, tables, cabinets, doorknobs, TV remote – all the appliances and fixtures that need to clean and disinfect, because these areas might deliver germs and bacteria that might deliver to person and might cause sickness.

Arrange and Organize

Start arranging all the stuff that you get from your decluttering, before arranging, make sure to disinfect the stuff and the clothes are already clean. You can use any box and write any specifications to it. You can buy any organizer from any shop.

For Final Touch

Check all the areas and make sure that there are no stains or dust, arrange and fix everything for the final touch. Throw all the unnecessary stuff or donate.

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